Massage Services


Utilizing parallel bars overhead for balance and leverage, the therapist uses their body weight to apply pressure through the bare feet. Smooth, flowing, gliding, technique on lubricated skin provides an intensely deep, and amazingly relaxing therapeutic massage experience.

60MIN: $95 | 90MIN: $130


 Synergy stone:

With the use of smooth, heated Synergy stones, a profound relaxation is achieved to help warm up the muscles, allowing for a deeper massage.

60MIN: $95 | 90MIN: $130



Warm Bamboo:

Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage using heated bambooto roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being

60MIN: $95 | 90MIN: $130


Specifically designed to cater to expecting mothers. Great for reducing stress, discomforts, and pains that come along during pregnancy. Please contact the therapist to ensure you are able to undergo a prenatal massage. 


All Prenatal Clients Have The Choice Of 

~ Hot Stone 

~ Facial Massage 

~ Reflexology 

60MIN: $95 | 90MIN: $130


While using pressure to specific points on the hands and feet, we can target different areas of the body to help relieve pain and other issues.

Life can be stressful. But there are many benefits of reflexology that you should know about. Often times you need more than a serious back and shoulder massage. There are countless benefits of the application of pressure to certain reflex points on your feet, hands and head.


60MIN: $70

30 Minute Focus Session:

Narrowing in on a specific areas of the body to receive the full focus. For example shoulder/neck/arms or lower back/legs/feet


30MIN: $45





The same great healing benefits of our Relaxation and Deep Tissue massages for both you and your partner. Couples massages must be book 48 hours in advanced.


60MIN: $160 | 90MIN: $220


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