The STAR T SHOCK™ device is a non-invasive, painless and effective treatment option for both female and male patients who seek to improve the overall condition of their skin. 

Through natural aging, environmental factors and lifestyle choices, our skin is exposed to oxidative stress that results in the breakdown of collagen and creates fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and crepiness. In this way, STAR T SHOCK™ helps prevent visible signs of aging by activating collagen production in the deeper layers of skin, giving you a firmer skin with improved elasticity and an overall "youthful" feeling.

Application of STAR T SHOCK™ to the face and neck will result in the following actions:

Fine lines and wrinkles will be greatly reduced.

This treatment produces collagen, which makes skin fuller and more elastic in appearance.

Puffiness around the eyes will be significantly reduced or totally eliminated.

Reduce the size of pores on the face and neck to limit their intake of toxins, dirt and grime.

You will see benefits over the lymphatic system such as: flushing away toxins, removing puffiness, and reducing redness.

An increase in metabolic rate results in a boost of endorphins.

After the first session you can clearly see the reduction of lines, puffiness and clearing of skin color. STAR T SHOCK™ FACE LIFT is safely performed with high benefits and without any special collateral effects and contraindications by using not so hard temperature for respecting comfort of each client at any age. The result is a long lasting return of a more youthful skin tonality.

CRYO T SHOCK™ STAR is also performed for a double chin reduction.

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