STAR lymphatic compression is based on decades of medical research and uses very light, gentle pressure to increase the flow of fluid through the body's main lymph nodes.

In this treatment, a person lies inside air-filled vests that cover the lower body from toes to diaphragm. A pump alternately compresses and releases air into/out of these vests, acting like an "external heart" in its ability to flush impurities out of your body.

When used with a healthy diet and exercise, Star lymphatic compression treatments can help clear your body of toxins. Improvements in circulation and tissue oxygenation can help slim and redefine the legs, stomach, or arms as well as improve skin tone.

When the lymphatic system doesn't drain the excess fluid, it builds up in the body's tissues, causing swelling. A sluggish lymphatic system is also more prone to viruses, bacteria, and fungi which cause symptoms, infection and disease. 

Star T Lymphatic Compression