Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries in the oriental countries where therapists used wood mostly for therapeutic purposes. In the 1980s, a therapist in Colombia developed a new and unique wood therapy method, redesigned wood tools to a smoother finish and adapted it to cater to aesthetic purposes.

Wood Therapy is a type of massage therapy that uses special wooden tools, intense massage therapy, and body sculpting exercises to make the body more naturally shaped. It's also completely non-invasive and can help you get the physique you're striving for without any major lifestyle changes. 


There are a large number of benefits to getting wood therapy, which is why I made it a regular part of my workout and self-care routine. In addition to being super relaxing and stress-relieving, wood therapy can help with:

Loosening tight muscles
Breaking down cellulite and burning fat
Naturally eliminating toxins in your body
Speeding up your metabolism
Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
and more!

Wood Therapy