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Lymphatic Health

The lymphatic system is composed of nodes, glands and vessels that move (or "lymph") fluid in the body. Lymphatic massage or compression helps to ease back pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and even get your metabolism burning.

Pre/Post-op Care

Surgical procedures such as liposuction disrupt fluid balance in body tissues. Proper lymphatic treatment post-op has been shown to reduce inflammation, edema, and scarring – leaving a smoother treatment area.

Skin Care

Our rejuvenation treatments give new life to your skin. We offer a variety of exfoliation options; from our custom facials and body scrubs, to more advanced methods like cryotherapy or light therapy – you'll leave feeling refreshed!


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Results are best seen over multiple sessions with some of our services. See the packages we offer on cavitation, wood therapy, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and Star compression therapies!


Come see us often to keep you feeling your best! Massage releases endorphins which is your body’s natural mood booster, and having them consistently reduces stress, aches and pains as well as many other benefits. See our memberships for sessions a few times a month.